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Golf Tips For Starters: 4 Factors To Consider Hitting It Off The Tee

Hitting the ball off the tee seems enough, but when you are just starting out you may notice at times it seems a little awkward. There are so many factors to consider trying to hit the ball off the tee perfectly. Your grip should be firm but not tight. Your club needs to travel on a solid plane. You need to pay attention to where your target is and how to make contact on the ball at the precise moment to stay within your target line. While there are technical aspects to consider in hitting the tee perfectly, here are 4 factors to think about to help you get solid results.

  1. Try not to hit the ball too quickly or this will create a crooked shot. You may feel as if you can just whack the ball off the tee while looking at in front of you. This seems almost too easy, but going after the ball too fast may lead to a crocked shot. The line or plane you establish should be followed through evenly. This means you need to come in with your club slow enough to maintain good speed as you connect to the ball.
  2. Your hands and arms shouldn’t feel heavy. You want to establish control while swinging your club, but your arms and hands shouldn’t be the only parts of the body guiding your club to make the shot. This also applies to your grip. If you have a good grip you will feel more relaxed as you follow through with the ball. Your hands and arms should guide the club through the shot, but they shouldn’t feel heavy since this could lead to lack of speed control for the club head.
  3. Avoid experiencing tension and be relaxed to encourage smooth transition as you swing to make contact. This somewhat relates to having the feeling of heavy hands and shoulders. You need to be relaxed but not so much to where you have little control of your swing. When you are comfortable with your grip and feel relaxed to where you can concentrate, tension should not be an issue.
  4. Setup behind the ball properly to help you follow through easier. Doing so encourages your body to turn slightly to create a straight line for your club head and distance.