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5 Basic Suggestions On How To Hit Sand Trap Shots

Playing a golf ball from the sand definitely has its work cut out. Known as one of the most challenging shots in golf, you need to consider a number of elements when you setup for the shot. Your imagination and ability to concentrate will be most helpful. Having the right club to help you (sand wedge with 55 degree angle for example) can assist in achieving essential loft needed to complete the shot with favorable results. Here are 5 tips to help you setup for your sand trap shots.

  1. Have an open stance with an open clubface. As you do this the ball should be in your stance in forward position. Maintain a good swing flow. A good stance will allow for better swing movement and control.
  2. The ball can be played from your lead foot from behind. You can aim about 5 feet from the target toward the left with your club hitting up about an inch or so of sand. This is good for medium sand shots. Remember, as you play sand shots and depending on the type of shot, you may need to consider the position you play the ball from.
  3. A longer club can help you make plays with fairway sand shots. This time you will have a square clubface with an open stance. A longer club gives way for a longer swing. Some may agree with this, but you should consider changing your club based on past experience and the distance you are trying to achieve.
  4. Make sure you have an idea of how to read the surface of the sand. Your stance should be open and if the sand is soft, consider making it wider just a bit. This can help you avoid bounce when making contact with the sand. Many golfers overlook this aspect. They think most types of sand are the same, but consider how the sand moves and how it feels on the bottom of your feet as you stand in it. This gives an indication of how you will hit the ball with your club.
  5. You should have an idea of what type of swing to use based on the condition of the sand. You could consider putting or chipping depending on the sand and the bunker itself.