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A Golfer’s Tutorial: How to Chip

Chipping is one of the most-valuable skills a golfer can possess. Having to chip is almost a guarantee during a round of golf, yet many players ignore this area of the game while they are going through their practice routine. For players who are serious about achieving lower scores, a better chipping game is one of the fastest ways to get there.

The good news is that chipping is relatively simple, and can be improved quickly if you decide to put some time and effort into it. The following five-step system should put you on the fast-track to better chipping in no time at all.

Step One – Open Stance

When you step up to the ball for your chip shot, make sure you stand with your feet slightly open to the target. Not only does this make it easier to see the target, it also encourages an outside-in swing path – helping the ball to get up into the air.

Step Two – Don’t Choke Down Too Much

Most golfers choke down the grip of the club too much when preparing to chip. Doing so reduces the amount of weight that you ‘feel’ in the club, and can make the shot harder to execute. Only come down the grip a half inch or so in order to maintain your feel and swing the club smoothly back and through.

Step Three – Use Your Hands

In order to get the club up over the grass and then hit down into the ball, use your hands to hinge the club up and away from the ball. It won’t take much of a hinge to accomplish the right position, so practice using a subtle wrist movement along with a slight turn of the shoulders to get the club in the perfect spot.

Step Four – Commit to the Shot

Don’t get scared of the shot and back off right before impact. Remain confident in your stroke and hit cleanly through the ball to get a good strike and have the ball float up nicely out of the grass.

Step Five – Stay Down

Looking up too early is the most-common cause of a poor chip shot. Keep your eyes focused on the ball until it is gone and on its way to the green – only then can you look up to see where it went. Resist the temptation to peek and you should be rewarded with a better result.