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4 Keys To Hitting A Great Downslope Bunker Shot

Downslope Bunker Shot Made Easy

Finding your ball trickling down to a bunker side or back edge of bunker can be frustrating, as this entails a tricky shot from a downslope. The downslope bunker shot is one of the toughest shots in golf. The main issue here is making a shot that will quickly take the ball on to the green clearing the bunker. Adjusting body weight and the backswing are vital for making this shot a success. Here are four keys to master this shot.

  1. Neutral shot
  2. Whether the ball lands on a sand or grass slope, the first step is altering your set up so it matches with the slope of the bunker. Take a stance that is in complete flow with that of the slope. Body weight should be more to the left and the stance should be such that your spine is perpendicular to the bunker slope. This will put you in an advantageous position with the slope and the shot will be better. With the shoulders and hip being parallel to the bunker slope, the ball will be right in the center of your posture for this shot.

  3. Hang back error
  4. One big mistake that amateurs commit, when they are faced with a downslope bunker shot is hanging back on the trail leg to give the needed momentum for shooting the ball off the bunker. Keeping adequate weight and pressure on the lead leg when you swing will prevent this mistake.

  5. Good backswing
  6. Your club head should be widely open to make this shot. Furthermore it should be rotated to an even better open position when you backswing. This maximizes loft on clubface during impact.

    Since the space available is minimal for a backswing in a downslope, your arms and hands should be in a more up and down position and not the backswing shot which is wider away from the body. This narrower movement makes the club touch the ball in a steeper position and is easier too.

  7. Step sequence
  8. To master the downslope shot, you have to orchestrate a series of movements. First, ensure the hips, shoulders, and your eye line match the slope. Hinge wrists towards the beginning of your backswing and ensure the ball is at the center of the wide stance you take. Now swing club head downwards touching the sand just behind the ball. When these steps are adhered to the ball may well move on to the green.

In short, the secret behind chasing a ball down a slope is keeping your position adjusted for countering the slope and swinging your club downward through impact to get the ball move forward and out of the bunker.