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How to Play Golf - Learning Basic Shots

Golf is a great game to take up at any stage in life, and there are a few basic shots that you will need to learn in order to improve on the course. No matter what your skill level, there is always room for improvement in golf. You can spend your whole life playing the game and never master it - which is what keeps people coming back time and time again.

This article will highlight three basic shots that come into play on the course, and give you a primer on how to handle them.

The Tee Shot

Of course, you can’t start any hole without a good tee shot. But hitting that tee shot down the fairway is easier said than done. When swinging a driver, the key is to remember that the swing should be shaped more around your body, than up and down. You don’t want to take a divot with your driver, so a good visual cue is trying to sweep the ball off the tee. If you are able to swing around your body and impact the ball with a flat, sweeping motion, you will likely be impressed with the results.

The Bunker Shot

If you find yourself in a sand trap, getting out in one swing is key to keeping your scorecard under control. To escape the bunker, you have to understand that you aren’t actually going to be hitting the ball directly. You want to splash your club into the sand behind the ball, and the sand itself will lift the ball up and out of the bunker. This technique takes a little practice, but is actually quite easy to repeat once you get it down.

The Short Putt

There might not be anything more frustrating on the golf course than hitting some nice shots to get close to the hole - only to miss a short putt and waste them. To make more of your short putts, work on keeping your head as still as possible through the stroke. When your head and shoulders begin to move around excessively, the putter head will twist through impact and the ball can be sent off line. Also, your eyes should focused on the golf ball itself, and not following the putter head as it swings back and through. Keep your head still while you putt, and your results will improve.