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Four Most Crucial Golf Clubs

Under the rules of golf, you are allowed to carry 14 golf clubs in your bag. Of course, some of those clubs are more important than others, and will be used more often than others. You should become as comfortable as possible with all of the clubs you carry, but spending extra time with these four clubs in particular is a good idea because of the important role they play in your game.


Not every hole is started by hitting a driver, but it is used quite often during a round of golf. Depending on the course, and your personal playing style, you could hit as many as 14 drivers during a round, so it is obvious why you need to be comfortable with it. Not only does it help your score to be able to hit plenty of fairways with your driver, but the driver can also put you in deep trouble if it is hit offline too often. Spending plenty of practice time learning to control your ball flight with the driver should be a high priority in your game.


The importance of the putter is no secret among golfers. No matter how good the shots are that you hit to get your ball onto the green, they can be wasted if you don’t putt well. It is crucial to be able to both make your short putts, and lag your long putts close to the hole so you can avoid three putting. It is hard to become a good golfer without having your putter be a big part of the success.

Your Favorite Wedge

You need to have one wedge in your bag that you are particularly comfortable with and can hit great chip and pitch shots with. Whether it is a sand wedge with 56* or 58* loft, or just your regular pitching wedge, there should be one wedge in your back that you trust above all the rest.

A Fairway Hitter

This club can be a long iron, hybrid, or even fairway metal. The idea is that there should be one club in your bag that you can reach for when you absolutely need to hit the fairway accurately – even if it means giving up distance by not hitting the driver. You are bound to encounter some holes on various golf courses that are too narrow to use your driver confidently, so having a reliable fairway-hitting club is very important.