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The Easiest Way To Improve Your Backswing

A guide to practice the perfect swing

Backswing refers to the rotation of the leading arm or the golf club when a player is taking aim to hit the ball.

Steps to improve backswing

Backswing drill

You can practice the backswing at your own backyard by following these steps:

  1. The wall can help you track the length and direction of the backswing.
  2. Setup: Your buttocks must tough the wall at setup. Hold the club closer to its head so that your club is not damaged.
  3. Swing the club up to your hips. The clubface must be aligned parallel to the wall as well as the ground.
  4. Stop in the middle of the backwards position. Now your club will be aligned with your head.
  5. If the club meets the wall at chest, shoulder or hip height, you are practicing the inside-out swing. However, if the club escapes the wall or is too much above your head, then you are practicing the outside-in backswing.