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Advanced Golf Lessons: How To Fix A Double-Cross

Indecisive play

When a player double-crosses him or herself in golf, it’s usually because of a muddle of drills and techniques that clutter the mind and confuse the player. When you are indecisive on how to approach a shot and hesitate two seconds before you hit the ball, your shot will end up being a combination of techniques that simply do not work together.

Mixing up your technique with your instruments

Specific clubs are designed to perform specific tasks. If you have a drill in mind but are using the wrong club for that drill, you will soon discover that the two don’t go well together. To avoid hitting a double-cross shot, it’s important that you take the time to think about your decisions; such as which club to use, and what techniques to accompany that particular club.

Focus on what you want to do

But even the same club can be used for different techniques, and so it is just as important to know what your purpose is for any given shot. At this point it’s crucial to remember the specific drill for that purpose so that you don’t confuse the wrong drill with the right club.

Know your drills

Remembering your drills take lots of practice time. In fact, the more you practice, the better accustomed you will become with each and every drill. Drills are meant to help you make difficult shots more naturally. However, even though shots are supposed to become second nature to how you play, remain mindful of which drill should be used for any given situation.

Memorize sequences

A large part of remembering your drills is having a set of lesser processes. These need to be done in the right sequence so as to maximize the efficiency of the shot. Be sure to have these fresh in your mind before taking on a real opponent in a game. Forgetting the correct sequence of your drill can result in a double-cross shot if you’re not careful.

The double-cross is a shot that still happens to world champions today—so don’t be too hard on yourself if you make one. Awareness is key to overcoming these types of mistakes, so stay mindful of the instrument you are using, the technique that should be implemented, the purpose of the shot, and the sequence of the drill method.