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Performing a Flop Shot Over Trouble: Golf Instructions

A flop shot is among the most specialized shots in golf. It is necessary to have the correct technique for flawless execution. This shot is only suited to distinct situations and should not be relied upon every other time. The flop shot is used to save the golfer from taking too many shots when playing from a precautionary position. To play the proper flop shot it is important to have an idea when to use it and how to use it as well.

When to Play a Flop Shot

A flop shot is best suited to situations when you are playing the ball with the hazard in between you and the pin. It gives you a means of lifting the ball up over the hazard and then down at a low speed on the green.

It is however very important to ensure that the shot is perfect since it can easily backfire. You can end up over hitting the ball propelling it out of bounds, or on the other hand the shot might be too weak and lack enough power landing just a few feet away from you.

The Proper Club

Before you make the shot you will want to begin with choosing the right club to use. For this shot using the most lofted club in your bag is recommended. The ball’s lie determines the best wedge to use. A high wedge is suited to a situation where the ball lies on thick rough and the opposite is true for a small wedge.

The Set Up

Executing a perfect stance is vital for successfully taking the shot. Begin with a narrow medium stance and make sure that you are slightly facing the target. Your weight must be distributed between both feet for the best balance when taking the shot. The recommended ball position relative to your stance should be close to the front of the stance.

The Swing

When it comes to executing the shot, it is recommended that you use a three quarter backswing. You can practice with a lower backswing increasing the size as you perfect it. The hips and the shoulders should both move at the same time. On the downswing, make sure that you maintain smooth fluid motion. Let go of any control and just swing. The hands should be in line with the club at all times.