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Helpful Advice on How to Draw a Golf Ball

An interesting draw shot needs the right amount of drilling

A draw is the path of flight of the ball, in which, the ball takes a gentle curve from right to left. At impact, the ball begins slightly rightwards to the target and gently curves leftwards to reach the target. A draw is a very interesting thing. Let us learn how to play it.

Method 1

  1. Position the clubface square to the ball. You left hand should have a looser grip on the club and the grip should be turned clockwise.
  2. Place your shoulders and feet at the right side of the target. The clubface should be still square. The ball might be placed a little forward in the stance.
  3. Everything except the clubhead is aimed at the right of the target. This automatically creates a swing path “in to out”. You have to try to swing your club back along your feet line.
  4. Imagine hitting the ball through a 4’o clock position. Hit the ball on the downswing. You should follow through at the right of the target. Your right hand should turn over to your left hand.
  5. It becomes easier to draw a ball with a long iron. A short iron might turn the shot into the hook shot, which curves hard to the left.

Method 2

  1. Place your right foot a couple of inches back at the address. It will create some space when you take a downswing to make an “in to out” swing path.
  2. During the backswing, you need to swing your hands around the body, instead of moving them above the body. This will let you deliver your club at the correct path and keeps the clubface open at the impact.
  3. To begin the impact, position the hips in the direction of the target. Hold your shoulders back for as long as possible. It will prevent your upper body from spinning towards the target plus avoid shifting to your back foot. If this error occurs, it makes the swing path “out to in” and closes the clubface. The end result is the slice shot that begins from the left.
  4. Minimize the rotation of the forearm through the impact. Excessive rotation causes the clubface to shut much before than required. You should remember that the clubface should point the right side of the target during the impact.
  5. Now, you can hit the ball and it will fly to the right and set up a draw.