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How Not To Pay More Than You Have To For Golf Holidays In Lisbon

Your golf holiday in Lisbon does not have to be as expensive as you perceive. Here are some great ways to save on your holiday and still enjoy your trip to its full potential.

Book your own holiday

If you have a bit of time and a fair amount of common sense, you can easily skip the booking agent process and book the trip yourself. All it takes is a couple of phone calls to get the best flight rates and the cheapest accommodation.

Cut out travel costs

Two ways you can cut travel costs is to:

There are various packages so ask before committing to anything.

Book your flights in advance

Flights that are booked in advance will also cost a lot less than if booked last minute. Plan your holiday months in advance and you will be surprised how much you end up saving.

Pack everything you need

Extra costs on a golfing trip can often be attributed to buying little odds and ends that you forgot at home. This can include golf gloves, balls, proper golf attire and even a special kind of club you need. Pack them all so you don’t waste money buying them at the course’s golf shop.

Book your course times in advance

Booking your golf course play times in advance will also give you leeway to negotiate on the price. This is another benefit of booking your own holiday instead of through an agent: you get to speak to the course’s admin staff directly and can negotiate a few deals with them that save you some money.

Ask for discounts

Don’t be afraid to ask for a discount. Those who do often receive a small decrease in their booking rates. This counts for car hire companies, golf resorts, and even your hotel. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

So try these tips out and see how much you end up saving. Even a few hundred Euros will end up making a huge difference in your holiday budget. It just takes some initiative and a bit of action to have a great Lisbon holiday at a bargain.