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Golf Beginners FAQ

If you are entering the world of golf as a beginner you may become intimidated by the rules and standards of the game. It requires you to use a considerable amount of physical muscle to make your shots. You may have questions about how to tee off, the best equipment to use, and how to make your rounds throughout the course.

Understanding the basics can help you learn how to play to the best of your ability while fending off feelings of intimidation and confusion. The following points are a few things to consider in helping you get answers to most common questions about golf as a beginner.

Q: How do you properly grip a golf club?

A: There are techniques to help beginners learn how to grip their club. Many beginners commonly grab their club as if it is a baseball bat, but your grip has a lot to do with how you hit the ball and swing. The club should rest in the palm of your hand, the lead hand which is closer to the hole. Your thumb should be placed on the top and slide your other hand back in a way that helps your fingers interlock (the back hand pinkie finger and the pointer finger of the lead hand).

Q: Why is good posture important?

A: While standing in front of the ball you form what is called your approach. This will lead toward posture that will help you hit the ball without straining muscles in the process. Good posture is important for good play experience and it can help reduce risk of soreness. Bend your knees slightly with feet shoulder width apart. This also helps in holding the club properly.

Q: Is there a proper way to swing at the ball?

A: You upper body should remain still along with you head. Hips should rotate as you swing through the shot with your eyes on the ball. Your feet should stay stationary and planted to the ground. Your lead arm should stay straight as you follow through with the shot.

Q: Should I take golf lessons?

A: This is a personal preference but it may depend on your interest in the game. Lessons can help you perfect your posture, grip and swing. You can learn about habits to avoid that may make learning for you easier.