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5 Good Reasons To Play The Oporto Golf Course

Oporto has been around since the late eighteen hundreds. Since then it has remained a keen favourite for competitions and casual playing. As a golfer who has travelled to Portugal for a golf getaway, you will enjoy playing this golf course for five main reasons. Here they are.

Nearby beach

Those who enjoy a bit of sun and surf will love the fact that this golf course is situated close to the Espinho beaches. There are lots of various activities at these beaches. Try some diving or take up a quick surfing lesson if you dare. If these are not your scene, then there’s always some good golfing waiting for you at the Oporto golf course.

Challenging fairways

The fairways on this golf course will pose quite a challenge. They are rather narrow leaving little room for aiming mistakes. To add to the challenge, multiple bunkers and water hazards are situated all over the course. Be ready with your best aiming skills to conquer this golf course the first time round.

The course’s tradition

Another good reason to play the Oporto golf course is the long standing tradition this club has held. Since 1890, yearly tournaments have been held at the course. Many casual golfers wish to be a part of this rich tradition which is why they come and play at Oporto.

Great hotels in the area

You will find some good accommodation close to Oporto. These hotels will offer you everything you need during your stay. If you choose to walk from the hotel to your golf course, you could comfortably do so. If not, the hotel will arrange transport for you and your companions.

Full service golf course

This golf course has everything you could possibly need during a golf game.

We hope to see you at the Oporto golf course soon. Book your flights and hotel accommodation nd take part in one of the most prestigious golf courses in Portugal.