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What To Know About The Miramar Golf Club

The course that is hosted by the Miramar Golf Club is situated on the beach front and has a breathtaking design and atmosphere. This course is best played in autumn when the trees turn a gorgeous copper-brown and the grass is almost pale yellow. Here is a short overview on what you should know about his course before visiting.

Close to the beach

Some of the tee-offs on the course are right on the beach with the ocean to your back. Because the course is situated on the beach, it attracts players who love that type of scenery. However beach courses do often have a lot of wind; something to bear in mind before trying this course.

Locals love this course

The Miramar golf course is an old one and therefore attracts many local golfers on a regular basis. This gives testament to the fact that traditionally, the course is loved by many and well-established as one that is worth playing. You are sure to receive a smile and a wave from local players, so be sure to show some courtesy and wave back.

Two difficult holes

The second and ninth holes are two that stand out as very challenging. If you don’t know this beforehand, you will almost definitely mess up and achieve a bogey or worse. Spend an extra minute surveying these holes before teeing off and make sure you have a decent strategy in place.

Water hazards are few but large

There aren’t many water hazards to speak of, but those that are there are rather large. Players will be forced to navigate around these while still trying to dodge the odd tree from those that have been randomly placed throughout the course.

Lots of nearby accommodation

You shouldn’t have any problem finding accommodation close by. There a number of excellent hotels and resorts within walking distance from the Miramar Golf Club. There are also many bed & breakfasts owned by local Portuguese folk who would be happy to accommodate you for as long as you need.

You have to see this course to understand how beautiful it is. It works so well with the fine weather which is characteristic of the Portuguese climate. If you are able, visit this historic course during your golf holiday—but be sure to work on your game before you do.