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7 Points To Consider About Pitching Pre-Shot Routine

Having a pitching pre-shot routine is something important to consider, especially if you don’t have one. Many experienced golfers say this is the key to developing a constant swing action for better results. The routine will help you be consistent with your pitching plays and decreases risk of making a poor shot. Overall, this can help you set up for the play and think about what you want to happen and how to achieve the end result you want. Here are 7 points to consider when reviewing elements of a good pitching pre-shot routine.

  1. Make sure you are next to the ball when you take the shot. There are times a golfer makes a bad shot because they are not close enough to the ball. When you take practice swings stand away from the ball so you don’t disturb it.
  2. Take practice strokes or swings before hitting the ball to understand how to hit and where it will travel. Practice strokes are good in getting you to understand what happens and how to make adjustments. For the most part, if you are able to make a smooth swing motion from start to finish your shot should have good end result.
  3. Your stance should not be too far back from the ball. If you are too far back from the ball your iron won’t make solid contact. If it does make contact it may make the ball go in a direction you didn’t intend. Check your stance and positioning from the ball before your shot.
  4. The ball should be positioned toward your left to get a good hit. This is a tip many golfers recommend but you can practice to see if it helps. Doing this gives your iron a better chance at making solid contact when you follow the target line or plane for your iron when swinging.
  5. Be consistent with your strokes to ensure good result. Consistency is important and if you don’t see improvements consider making a change to your routine to get better results.
  6. Have a good routine to help you get results. A good routine is something you will be able to practice each time before you take our shot.
  7. Have a spot on the ground to aim your ball. A target area for your ball gives you control when you swing to make contact.