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General Instruction on How to Make a Low Iron Shot

Just a little variation in the backswing is needed

It is very common for the golfers to face windy days, whenever they step out of the house to play golf. You must have heard this before that you should keep your ball in a lower trajectory below the wind on windy days. In general as well, the lower you keep the ball, the easier it becomes to control it.

You can try this drill. Hit two shots with two different angles with a 6 iron. You have to make a slight difference in the angle of the trajectory. In first shot, hit the ball with a lower launch angle. In the second shot, hit the ball with slightly larger angle. You will notice that even when you maintained the same body posture and speed of backswing, the shot with the larger launch angle goes higher and at a much higher speed. It will also cover larger distance.

Now, you must be thinking that why you should not hit the ball always at a larger launch angle. The reason is wind. At times, you would need to manage three different shots- low, medium and high, if you want to give your best score in all weather conditions.

When you should hit a low iron shot?

There are circumstances such as when you do not want to let your ball hit the branches, and keep it under the wind, you need to make a low shot with your iron. The ball has to achieve a more penetrating trajectory during its flight. In such conditions, you need to make slight adjustments to your swing.

The main thing you need to change is the length of your backswing and the length of follow through.

How to hit the ball low?

Take a 6 iron and make an aim to hit it half as high as you would normally do. Move back the ball only a little, say less than an inch, in your stance. This will make you hit it harder.

Take a backswing at 9o’clock position, hit the ball and stop the follow through at 3o’ clock position. You have to control the speed of the backswing along with its movement. As we have discussed before, a slight change in the backswing will make the flight of the ball take a more penetrating trajectory. In those circumstances, when you take a high backswing, the ball travels at double the height. But here, by making slight modification to the backswing, we made it travel lower with a 6 iron.