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How to Create a More Consistent Golf Stroke

Consistency is the name of the game in golf. When you are consistent with your strokes, you can start to predict where the golf ball is going to go – and that is a powerful feeling. Inconsistency means that you don’t know what to expect from shot to shot, and that can leave you feeling lost and hopeless on the course. Rather than striving for huge power or amazing height on your shots, you should be looking for consistency above all else.

Practice, Practice, Practice

When you start thinking about ways to gain consistency, it all starts with practice. There is almost no way you can expect to be consistent if you rarely practice and go weeks or months in between swinging your clubs. Repetition helps your body know what to do with the club, so make sure you take time to practice as frequently as possible. It doesn’t even have to be at the course – if you can just get outside in your backyard and take some swings, that will be much better than nothing.

Focus on the Fundamentals

There are some funky golf swings out there on courses all over the world. If you are wanting become more consistent, you should be thinking about getting back to the basics and making sure your fundamentals are in order. The most technically sound your swing is, the better it will hold up during a round of golf – especially under pressure. Some fundamentals to watch for include:

The fundamentals of the game might not be the most exciting thing to practice, but they are your quickest path to improvement. To build consistency from tee to green when on the course, make sure that you take the time to tighten up the fundamental elements of your technique.