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8 keys to playing golf better

An important part of playing golf includes keeping your skills sharp and continue to educate yourself on what you can do when on and off the course. There are various elements to consider from understanding proper posture to practicing your swing and making effective recovery shots. Your strengths and weaknesses can be a good place to start in helping yourself become a better golfer. The following tips can help you use your strengths and weaknesses to your advantage in developing a personal plan for playing better golf.

  1. Make sure your club face is aligned. Some golfers may have improper alignment when they fail to properly access their target from behind the ball. Sometimes you may not need to align your feet or shoulders with the target. Consider the hole itself to get more perspective for your shot.
  2. Have the proper club ready to use. Sometimes you have to go beyond using a typical iron. If it is a short hole you may consider a short club, for longer holes a longer club. But you may find using a wedge is more effective.
  3. Be consistent with your stance. This is helpful when you change clubs or you decide to use a different iron. Sometimes change can have a negative effect on how you hit the ball. Overall your stance should stay the same but there could be a slight difference.
  4. Have a proper grip in place. Make sure your hands and fingers are in place and consider the amount of pressure used to hold the iron.
  5. Use the wind to your advantage. Sometimes the wind can be your friend when you know how to play in it. Amateurs have yet to find their footing, but experienced players have a general idea how they can play by switching their approach and swing sequence.
  6. Have good speed when the ball is hit (ball break). In some cases it may help to play for more break instead of less. The speed of the ball can make or break your chances of getting it in the hole.
  7. Complete the shot, even if you have a handicap. If your ball happens to land in a sand bunker you can apply what you know to get it out. Experienced players will have a better idea how to complete this shot but amateurs can learn a few things as well.
  8. Use chipping when possible. When you want to break par sooner a good chip can help.