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What Makes The Batalha Golf Course Special?

The Batalha golf course is one of three favourite golf courses situated in the Azores Islands. It has become a golfing legend because of its size, as well as its beauty. There are also diverse ways you can approach this golf course by switching Tee positions and opting for a higher level of challenge. For those who like to paint the town read after a good game of golf, you have to come and play this course—and then contribute to the liveliness of the nearby capital, Ponta Delgada.

Play this course all day long

That’s right. You’ll have to set aside a whole day to finish one round of the 27-hole course. However, don’t let this stop you from playing if you don’t have the time. Players may opt to play the first, second or third nine—or a combination of any two. Remember to take along a bottle (or two) of water and to dress in the most comfortable golf shoes you have. But that’s not the only challenging factor to the Batalha golf course.

Play this course over and over for a different experience

In addition to the length of the course, players can experience even more of a challenge by opting for different Tee positions. There are three different Tee sets on each hole so follow a set to enjoy a whole new dimension of the very same course. This allows players to return day after day and play the same course—but experience a totally different level of difficulty each time.

Play this course and then pick your favourite night time activity

A great attraction is that the Batalha golf course is only a short drive away from Ponta Delgada—the capital city of the area. There are some excellent places to enjoy a drink or have a meal after your game. If you’re more of a morning person, why not have breakfast in the city and then drive down to the Batalha golf course for your daily golf fix? Chances are you will enjoy it so much, you’ll follow the same routine the very next day.

This course is for those Azores visitors who want an all out golfing experience. If you are really passionate about golf, come and try out this course. Batalha is best enjoyed with many golfing companions so be sure to bring your friends along.