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Golf Lessons for Starters: How to Become a Better Chipper

Chipping is sometimes overlooked in golf. Golfers may not realize how important this skill can be. For some, they are able to use it to help them get better score or to make par more efficiently. For others, lack of this skill can mess up your whole game and your approach at certain holes. There are a few things to remember that can make a difference in your chipping. You need to be able to maintain focus, retain control and have good ability in judging distance. Here are some tips for starters on how to become a better chipper.

Have Good Concentration and Pay Attention to Your Moves

The ability to concentrate and focus will help you achieve other points that will follow. This element is important because some players will focus on certain elements when they get ready to take their shot. In short, they may not have their focus on where it needs to be. Your concentration should be centered on getting and keeping your body in line with your club, along with a solid grip to help you control where the ball goes.

Know the Significance of Stacking

This is an element of concentration that will test your abilities. When pertaining to stacking you are paying attention to where your weight shifts when holding your club. This means when you are in position to hit the ball, each element will be on side. Your shaft, lead arm and lead leg may carry most of your weight. But as you get ready to take your shot these elements should shift to help you achieve good control upon making impact with the ball. Having some element of stacking is important to help you achieve consistency in your efforts.

Understand Good Control and How to Judge Distance

Being consistent with your moves will help you achieve distance and control. You will be able to understand how much the ball needs to roll and you will be able to control how much movement occurs up until the ball is hit. Think about how far you want the ball to travel. Consider making adjustments to your backswing (make it longer or shorter depending on distance the ball needs to travel). Overtime you can practice your method and by making small changes here and there you should start to see results you want.