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Golf Putting Fundamentals: 5 Tricks That Will Save Your Par

There are times golfers tend to have the right system in place when putting. They can make a couple of good shots but they are not where they want to be par wise. When you figure out areas of your swing shot that can be changed or improved, you can find your way out of tricky shots and save par. Overtime this element will require practice and little tweaking to get the end result you want. Here are 5 suggestions to consider that can help you save par while putting.

  1. Have good setup to obtain consistency with speed. A good setup is something you can perfect overtime. Consider how you get ready to swing to make contact with the ball. How is your head, shoulders and feet positioned? Establishing good setup helps you become consistent with results.
  2. Keep arms and wrist firm with slightly bent knees to keep you close to the green. Your clubface remains square and allows you to obtain solid contact with the ball. Each time this can help you stay with par as long as you determine good distance and power within your swing.
  3. Let the ball roll to help it spin from club head contact. The more the ball rolls the more likely it will get closer to its target. This may help you achieve fewer shots. Determine the positioning of the club head and ensure solid contact without encouraging the ball to spin. If the ball spins it may move further away from its target leading to more strokes.
  4. Hit downward on the ball when playing on thick rough. You can achieve better contact and release upward. This helps you achieve more control when playing in thick rough. It also helps you give the ball more flight to move further in the air. Consider your grip as you hit down and ensure you have good pressure as you follow through the action.
  5. Roughly 80 percent of your weight should be forward on your front foot. As you do this it encourages the club head to come down at steep angle. You also have good balance to help you move through the shot and make clean contact with the ball. Good balance can help you create more nature power to push the ball further.