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The Truth About Last Minute Golf Holidays

Dispelling The Myths

Last minute golf holidays don't have to be disorganized and staying in a cheap hostel in room with 9 other people and sleeping with a family of bed bugs. You can get a really great deal at a bargain price. With today's technology, cheap does not necessarily equal a poor experience. In this article, we will attempt to dispel the most popular myths about last minute golf holidays.

Simple But Not Easy

While many will think that high quality, last minute golf holidays are as difficult to find as Big Foot and the Loch Ness monster, the truth is that these deals do exist. While finding and booking a 5* golf holiday for a rock-bottom prices are not easy to find, they are out there. With a little insider knowledge and persistence, anyone can find a bargain.

All Four Seasons

Last minute golf holidays are available all year round and not just during the children's summer holidays from school. It is true that June to August is the high season and where the majority of the deals appear, however, having an open calendar and flexible dates increase your chances of saving money.

Families Welcome

Last minute golf holidays are not just for childless bachelors who are able to pack a suitcase and jet off with a few hours notice. The truth is that you can have a last minute golf holiday with a group of loved ones and friends. There are countless stories of families enjoying huge discounts on last minute golf holidays every year.

Open To Improvisation

The more requirements you have, the harder it is to find last minute golf deals. If you have no preferences for a particular course, region, or even country, the golfing holiday world really is your oyster. For those who love the game and don't particularly care what type of course they play and what time of year, golf getaways become can be found for 50% or more off retail.

The Future Of Last-Minute Golf Deals

With new competing golf travel websites springing up every day, last-minute golf deals will become as ubiquitous as last-minute flights. Just think, you could be waiting in the departure lounge with your standby ticket and not know your next destination. Knowing where you will be playing golf for the next week would kill the excitement. Be ready to grab your clubs and play wherever the golf is cheapest.