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Some unusual ways to take your golf grip

There are different ways to take your golf grip. The best one will be an option that is most comfortable for you as you hold your iron. This element is important because it helps you gain control of how the ball is hit when you swing. Even though it is best to have a good grip to play with, experimenting with different options can help you understand how you grip your club and adjustments needed. Consider reviewing basic guidelines for golf grips to help you make the best selection.

Basic Grip Hold

A grip hold refers to how a golfer grips their golf club. The basic grip includes positioning your club straight in front of you with the clubface facing the ball. The club should be placed in your left hand that is relaxed. This is where you want to pay attention to finger placement. Your thumb should lay across the top of the club with your fingers underneath.

You can think of putting your hands in a clock position with the club pointed to twelve as you hold it. When you look down at your hands you should see the knuckles of your middle and index fingers. Your right hand will be below your left with the club across your fingers diagonally. Your right thumb will be flat with your grip but pointing toward eleven when using the clock position.

An Overview of Different Grips

There are multiple ways a golfer can grip their club. The grip a player decides to use will depend on the club they are using and the hole being played. The types of grips include interlocking hands, grips strong or weak, and technique grips such as Vardon and the 10-finger grip (baseball grip). The following points provide a summary of each you may want to consider practicing.