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The Most Popular Executive Golf Courses In Portugal

For golfers who want the royal treatment and nothing but the best golfing experience in Portugal, we’ve sourced five names that should be added to your holiday journal. These courses are not only well kept, but also boast training facilities, top class tutors and world class dining locations. We are without any doubt that with these courses, you cannot go wrong.


The Balaia course is known for its par-3-only holes and tricky obstacles. But what draws people to this golf course? It’s the fact that it’s so well kept and cleverly run. Staff are friendly, management is efficient, and the facilities are hard to beat. The intelligent design of the course is another factor that wins Balaia a place on our executive list.


The golf course in Palmares looks like something out of an oil pointing. If ever there was a golf course that could be called perfect, it’s Palmares. Not only will you sense the beauty that surrounds the course, but you will experience golf like never before. Challenge after challenge you will begin to see where your skills need polishing. After your game, there’s an excellent restaurant and bar area where you and your companions can enjoy the scenery at your own pace.

Monte Rei

The designers of the Monte Rei golf course did their utmost to carve out a course that’s as world class as any other around the world. Each bunker, water hazard and tree has been placed with a purpose—and it won’t take long before you find out what it is.

Colina Verde

Another course that focuses on short play is Colina Verde. It’s considered an executive course because of the subtle way it challenges players of all levels. The course is most famous for its fifth hole which is one that even professionals have struggled with. The scenery and neatness of the course makes it one of our favourites—and we’re sure you’ll feel the same way.

Vale do Lobo

This course is most famous for its 16th hole—which no doubt you will hear about every time you search for Vale do Lobo on the internet. The ocean view and accompanying cliffs make for a course that is quite spectacular, and immensely original in every way.

Executive golf is about the game, the challenge and the experience. If you want to be treated to an experience you’ll never forget, book one or more of these courses for your next Algarve holiday.