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5 Things To Expect From The Quinta Do Fojo Golf Course

Quinta do Fojo is one of the most popular golf courses in Portugal. However, because it is only a 6-hole course, it doesn’t get as much press as conventional courses. For this reason, tourists have been missing out on one of the most beautiful golf courses Portugal has to offer. Here are five aspects you can expect upon visiting Quinta do Fojo.

  1. Short and sweet
  2. The first thing you can expect is that the course is obviously quite short. Only six holes grace this golf course but this in no way takes away from its splendour. The design also allows you to play these holes from different tees; so there’s always a new way to approach the course despite its size.

  3. Don’t get comfortable
  4. All six holes that form part of the Quinta do Fojo golf course each possess their own unique characteristics. You may walk away from one hole that was easy, and end up struggling with the next. Don’t expect an easy time and don’t underestimate any of the holes.

  5. Great for learning
  6. You may not think so at first, but this course is great for beginners. Because it’s short, golfers can play it over and over again. They can face those holes they struggled with at first and learn to master them. They can also try to improve on the easy ones. Because each hole teaches you something new, the course acts as a great golf teacher.

  7. A rich historic scenery
  8. An aspect that makes the Quinta do Fojo golf course so popular is the stunning scenery. You will see beautiful old-world buildings and surrounding gardens that will steal your gaze. The course itself is adorned with old trees, carefully designed rock beds and thick grassy areas.

  9. Lots to do around the resort
  10. Bear in mind that Quinta do Fojo is situated very close to a main road in Portugal. This road leads to Lisbon so the course and the area receive a lot of tourist traffic. For this reason, there are many shops and restaurants to keep you and your family busy during your stay—not to mention some excellent accommodation.

Give this excellent course a try and be sure to budget the entire day. Play it at least twice and let the course teach you how to be a better golfer.