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How To Improve Your Mental Game: Golf Instruction For Starters

In the game of golf, it’s not just about your skills to command the club and the ball, it’s about how you control your emotions and utilise your mental skills to perform better. Psychology in golf is a proven scientific fact and that it is just as important as your physical skills to hit the ball.

If you were ever wondering how you could improve your mental game, here are a few tips for you so that you can take your game to the next level:

Start with Imagery

Imagery is perhaps the most important skill in improving your golf. All you have to do is just start imagining certain scenarios and how you can cope with it. An example of this would be to imagine you making a birdie on the most difficult hole on the course. Psychologists have proven that imagery can be just as ‘real’ as actually physically doing the job itself. Therefore, imagery is a great skill to learn that can make a huge impact on your golf game as well!

Set goals now!

Another mental aspect would be to set goals for yourself. Goal setting would give you an advantage, as you would have a target to chase. This means you will be motivated for longer and you will work for your target. Obviously there are long-term goals and short-term goals, so you should set them accordingly.

Even when you are on the golf course, you could set yourself certain goals for different holes. Basically, the more versatile your goals are, the better.

Stop thinking about the scorecard

Being able to score and thinking about the score are two completely different things. If you constantly think about the score on the course, you would be overwhelmed with it and you would start to perform poorly. You must avoid this at all costs; otherwise your game would suffer very badly.

The top players in the world NEVER think about their scores when they are in the ‘zone’. They just focus on the task and that is to play each shot to the best of their abilities.

Think only about the best moments

It’s useless if you linger about the bad shot that you have just hit. That would only hurt your game and it’s not worth the trouble. Instead, think about all the positives that you’ve had in the past.