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Seasoned Golfer's Advice On How To Play The Colina Verde Course

What kind of a golfer should be playing a course like Colina Verde? We did a bit of research on this course and came to the conclusion that it is a fun course to play. There are nine holes to conquer, many of which are short game challenges. Here is our evaluation of this golf course and some advice for you if you are thinking of checking it out.

A short game golf course

Something you will immediately notice about the Colina Verde golf course is the fact that it is not very large. The course consists of nine holes and each one is a par-3 hole. This means that the entire course focuses on short play technique and will demand a whole range of chipping, approach and putting skills from players. Our advice is that you either use this course to practice these techniques, or brush up on them before you play with your friends.

A practice area

Speaking of practice, you are welcome to do so at the golf course itself. There is an elaborate practice ground, chipping area and putting green for those who need a few touch-ups on their skills. What so great is the fact that the practice areas are tailored for the type of play you will soon need when you play the course itself. You’ll soon get the brush up you need and receive further practice when you start to play for real.

Resort facilities make you feel at home

Another appealing factor to the Colina Verde course is the resort facilities. There’s a spa where you and your companions can receive massages, treatments and enjoy a glass of wine in a Jacuzzi. There is also a decent restaurant on the grounds and a pub area where you and your friends can enjoy a drink after the game. All these features are sure to make you feel right at home.

No reason to play anywhere else during your stay. Colina Verde offers a great stay and a relaxing golf experience. The holes on this course are mildly challenging—so what more would you want from a golf course? Dedicate a few days to this great resort and work on your golf game. Take some practice shots, enjoy the spa & the resort and play a few games of short game golf at Colina Verde.