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Must-Know Facts About The Estela Golf Course

If you are a true golf enthusiast, you might already know the allure of Portugal and most importantly the courses and the golf resorts that are available in the country. Golf courses such as Estela are some of the main reasons why golf tourism is thriving in the country. Many are the individuals who travel the world to get into Portugal so that they are in a good position to enjoy at least a good game on such golf courses.

Considered a links course, Estela lies in a cool climate region, thanks to the adjacent Atlantic. The breeze during the summer is incredible, while the golf stream in the winter also colludes to make sure that the course maintains a really strong ambience all through. Therefore by the time you are thinking of coming to this course, there is a good chance that you already have in mind something to look forward to. You are not only looking for an incredible golf escapade, but you are out for the full package.

Ever wondered why people come to Estela golf course all year round? Well, it is not just about the golf, there is so much more to this course than meets the eye. Describing it might take lots of words, perhaps pamphlets to get the message through. Perhaps just some highlights might suffice for now.

Awesome temperatures

When compared with the regions south of the country, the temperature in the area around Estela hardly ever gets beyond 25ºC. Even during the warm seasons, the temperatures stay this reasonable, and in the winter they rise between 6ºC and 15ºC. This therefore makes it an awesome golf course pretty much all through the year.

The grass

The ground on Estela features Tifton Bermuda grass and Penncross Bent grass in the fairways and the greens respectively. These two sets of grass combine to deliver the finest play conditions you would ever wish for. This helps because the set is fast and firm, allowing you the best gaming experience ever.

Drivers’ paradise

To be honest, in the event that you struggle with the driver, this is not the kind of course that you should be playing on. The course runs some 7,000 yards and a 72 par rating. The slope inclination is 131. You need to take note of these dimensions the next time you want to come to Estela.